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    Dysfunctional Veterans

    April 27 ·

    This man has become self sufficient, and the city isn’t getting any of his money for utilities, so they condemn his property and take it from him. All this man wants is to be left alone to live his life the way he wants.

    My comment:

    Should lock up the fossil fools who did this to him. Disgusting and outrageous. Great work by this couple in insisting on their independence. Maybe the Climate Disobedience Center might be able to help. (I’ll be donating to the CDC.)


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    This kind of non-violent but determined civil disobedience is what we need to stop the fossil fuel steam roller before irrevocable climate catastrophe. Dr. James E. Hansen and Eric Rignot and 15 other leading scientists warn us that the risk of runaway sea level rise of over several meters by 2100 cannot be ruled out. This is only 1 of dozens of ongoing, irreversible kinds of damage to our habitat from runaway global warming. I hope this group will highlight the ongoing damage to our habitat that the fossil fuel industries are the major culprits behind.

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    Check out Climate Disobedience Center. I just joined.


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