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    Powerful Climate Disobedience isn't the product of a special type of person: it is ordinary folks finding the strength and inward power to do extraordinary things to get in the way of the fossil fuel industry while supported by beloved community.

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  • commented on Liz Spoerri: Political Reality Not Keeping Up With Physical Reality 2015-12-30 12:06:13 -0500
    THANK YOU Liz, Abby, Michael, Jackie, Patrick, and all others who supported and encouraged you in your efforts to block that oil train, and to bring an end to the tyranny of corporate influence over public policy and national decision-making. You are standing up for me, here in the California Sierra Nevadas, where oil trains also are increasing, as the SF bay area refineries rapidly work to retrofit so they can handle more Bakken crude. You are standing up for ALL life. Thank you, deeply. KEEP ON.

    And everyone reading this, let’s rally around and raise support from all parts of the nation for this ongoing effort to bring REAL change to the regulatory process, to insist on REAL democracy in America, and to require verifiable SUSTAINABILITY in our energy use patterns and infrastructure. We have every right to demand this. We are morally obligated to demand this.

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