Sue Kirby

  • commented on Thoughts on Post-Election Strategy 2016-11-19 17:40:20 -0500
    Marla & Tim, Thank you for all of your hard work and creativity creating your organization and taking on the West Roxbury pipeline resistance in such a thoughtful and organized way. I live on the North Shore and was swamped in other social justice work so I never made it down to show my support…just reposted your actions on social media sites I maintain and made sure activist I work with knew about the good fight you were waging.

    I have been following a lot of the strategy discussions, not just in the climate movement but across the broader movements for economic, social and racial justice. One of the arguments that resonate with me is that now is the time to think BIG. I believe this is true. I think people are rising up right now and the fact that Trump will be more regressive, I believe, will draw more people into the struggle – not less. Remember the civil rights movement? Remember Parchman Farm in Mississippi? They just kept coming because of the bravery that the Freedom Riders inspired – particularly the young.

    I think Trump’s election is a game changer. There will be many who will risk a lot. But it has to be big and it has to be spiritually deep. I think the Standing Rock rebellion is the next iteration of the Keystone Pipeline struggle. It is a flashpoint that will change everyone who encounters it. And there is Native American leadership asking for our help.

    What if we built a pipeline of resistance fighters going to the front? I see that they created a fund me page to raise $10,000 for supplies and received $1.5 million! If there are 1,000 people there now what if there were 5,000 soon who come back to their states and go on tour with materials and bring individuals or messages from the tribes on the front line. I understand that many of the warriors there see this as a life and death struggle. What could be more true of the climate resistance itself? How inspiring! I think the pipeline struggles happening all over the country are good but focusing on this historic, paradigm-shifting struggle has much more potential to draw in international support irregardless of of Trump’s reaction and galvanize a generation.

    It could also be an excellent way for the Disobedience Center to draw in people who want general training in civil disobedience to prepare for the trip creating an opportunity to facilitate affinities between people to make their travel possible.

    This may be way out of you mission driven thoughts. It is just some of thoughts in reaction to some of the wisdom I see on this blog.