Francesca Testi

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    Although I am not religious, I think reaching out to leaders within the faith community is crucial at this time. They have broader access to the public, protections from state repression, and moral authority within the mainstream community that secular climate activists lack. Their involvement would make it harder for climate activists to be mischaracterized by the press and anti-environmentalist politicians and might shield protestors from some of the more draconian actions of law enforcement and the justice system. As Joel says below, publicity is crucial, but the mainstream media outlets often ignore actions or report them on the back page if at all. The faith community has its own media network that reaches millions and offers abundant opportunities to educate and inform those who are not already convinced of the climate emergency we face. From the few emails I have received from faith-based environmental organizations, I have the impression that the secular and religious climate activists haven’t forged much of a working relationship. If this is correct, we need to change that.

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