Jack Cohen-Joppa

  • commented on Removing the Blocks to Climate Disobedience: Community 2017-11-18 14:50:45 -0500
    Your thoughts ring true with my experience of the anti-nuclear nonviolent direct action movement over the past 40 years. Community is critical to making good decisions, organizing strategically for the long haul, and sustaining ourselves in a struggle than includes lives disrupted by court, prison, and the aftermath of resistance actions. The anti-nuclear movement, when I joined in the late 1970s, was built by organizing day-long to weekend-long sessions for orientation and training in nonviolent direct action and the creation of affinity groups practicing consensus decision making while preparing for an action. Through the 1980s, thousands each year risked arrest for a nuclear-free future. Handbooks for action that included sections on these topics and more (sexism, racism, media relations, court prep and trial support, etc) were commonplace at larger protest venues across the country. The models for such training have evolved but have not entirely disappeared, and I believe they still can provide a good basis for building the kind of community you write about to support nonviolent direct action on climate issues.