Renewable energy not fracked gas is our hope for the future of our children and grandchildren

We must keep fossil fuels in the ground. We are not going to be bullied by FERC. Fracked gas is poisoning our water, land, and air as well as emitting Greenhouse gases that are putting all our children's and grandchildren's lives in danger as well as those who now live in the frontline communities. This means we are all part of the frontline communities.

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    Powerful Climate Disobedience isn't the product of a special type of person: it is ordinary folks finding the strength and inward power to do extraordinary things to get in the way of the fossil fuel industry while supported by beloved community.

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    Dear Marla, I appreciate your description of the Holy Spirit’s power inviting us to “act in ways that might inspire others to join us.” Jesus’ actions did not transform the world in one moment, but his interruption of “business as usual”- fraud and exploitation – is an action that strengthens us to listen to our commitment to sustaining life on earth and stopping destructive forces, as the Delta 5 have done.

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