BREAKING: Second Blockade of Same Coal Train (now in Ayer, MA)

Sent from our friend, Wen Stephenson, on behalf of his affinity group and others gathered to block a coal train headed for Bow, NH (just before 4:00 AM on Sunday, December 8th)
I send this from the freight tracks in Ayer, Mass., where I’m among those currently blockading a freight train carrying thousands of tons of coal to the last big coal-fired power plant in New England. Ours is the second blockade of this same train, following the blockade by students and others in Worcester only hours ago, and there will be more. See the Media Alert below. 
Huge respect and gratitude to Marla, Jay, Tim, and Emma of Climate Disobedience Center for spearheading this action, and to everyone involved in the #NoCoalNoGas campaign, especially 350NH Action. 
For live updates see: @ClimateDisobey and hashtag #NoCoalNoGas 
Peace, love, and resolve,


 December 8, 2019




Nonviolent Direct Action Is Second Blockade of Same Coal Train, Following Blockade in Worcester Hours Earlier


Ayer, MA — Local area climate protesters with the grassroots New England #NoCoalNoGas campaign ( blockaded a freight train transporting coal to the Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, NH. The blockade is part of an ongoing effort, organized by the Climate Disobedience Center and grassroots coalition partners, to shut down the last major coal plant in New England in response to the climate emergency. In September, 67 protesters were arrested at the plant in Bow. 


The nonviolent blockade now underway in Ayer, with the train stopped on the freight-only line south of the MBTA tracks — no passenger rail traffic is disrupted — follows close on the heels of a similar blockade by student protesters in Worcester only hours before. More blockades are planned. 


More than 20 local-area climate activists are involved in the Ayer blockade, including members of 350 Massachusetts Action, Sugar Shack Alliance, and Extinction Rebellion, with supporters from around the region. Those blocking the tracks are prepared to be arrested.


Organizers emphasize that the blockade has been carried out safely and responsibly, according to established railroad safety procedures, and is entirely peaceful.


“No Coal Trains thru Mass.! You Shall Not Pass!” reads one of the protest signs.


Another reads: “No Coal, No Gas! We Love Our Kids! You Shall Not Pass!”


This is a developing story. For more information, contact: 


Marla Marcum


[email protected]


Live updates and photos: 


Twitter: @ClimateDisobey

Facebook: Climate Disobedience Center 








For background, see also:



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  • Monica Briggs
    commented 2019-12-09 11:25:54 -0500
    No Coalopoly!

    Stop the GASTASTROPHE!!
  • Bob Atchinson
    commented 2019-12-08 23:57:14 -0500
    Pan Am Railways – Just another mercenary doing the despicable work of the fossil fuel industry… If you were transporting windturbine blades, your train would be rolling through.
    What will it be next week – fracked gas, tar sands oil?
    Don’t expect business as usual, anymore, as we are here to stand our ground and shut you down, along with that behemoth coal plant in Bow, NH.
    Bob in VT
  • Vincent Pawlowski
    commented 2019-12-08 22:37:25 -0500
    Wishing you all well at your arraignment.
    Vince from Tucson
  • Gia Neswald
    commented 2019-12-08 17:08:10 -0500
    Can we get confirmation of tomorrow’s arraignment time/place?
  • Bruce Wilkie
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