Climate Activists Take Principled Action To Remove Coal From Merrimack Generating Station

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August 20, 2019

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Concord, NH - On Saturday, August 17th 2019, eight determined New Englanders, supported by a team of more than a dozen others, removed over 500lbs of coal from the fuel pile at Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, New Hampshire. This facility is the largest coal-fired power plant in New England without a shutdown date. Says Tim DeChristopher, co-founder of the Climate Disobedience Center: “With the global climate crisis having advanced this far without a dramatic change in US carbon emissions, we have a responsibility to remove this fuel from the fire. Indeed, it is now a necessity to take matters into our own hands and safely shut down this facility.”

The following Tuesday, supporters from across the region gathered on the State House steps in Concord in solidarity with these actions. They pledged to join the effort to safeguard their futures by physically carrying coal away from the burn pile. Immediately following the media event, the activists proceeded to upend five large buckets of coal onto the steps of the building.  

Emma Schoenberg, also of the Climate Disobedience Center, stated, “The coal industry and the larger fossil fuel industry have been reaping profits by stealing from our future for generations. Any nonviolent act that prevents fossil fuels from being burned is an act of reclaiming a small piece of the future that is being stolen from us.” She added, “Meanwhile, those occupying positions of political and economic power have consistently refused to act, so regular people are increasingly taking matters in our own hands.”

These coal “Diggers” believe that it is immoral to suggest that an economic asset is in any way comparable with the human lives that are lost to coal. 

Twenty-two year old Quincy Abramson, a 2019 UNH graduate and lifelong resident of Bow, “I am so grateful that these people have taken action - Bow doesn’t deserve this, no one and no where does. We’ve seen that we can’t rely on elected leaders to ensure our and our planet’s safety, and so it’s up to us. That is why I ask the people of New England to join me in signing a pledge of resistance to continue the work.”

Lila Korman Glaser of 350 New Hampshire Action - On Saturday September 28th, following a week of climate action around the globe, hundreds of people from across New England will descend on the Merrimack Generating Station to end the burning of coal in NH.”

DeChristopher finished saying, “If a building is on fire and a child is trapped inside, no one would claim that it is immoral to break down the door of that building to save the child, with or without the permission of the property owner. Likewise, it must be understood as a moral act to remove fuel from the fire that is burning our future.”

At the end of the event at the State House, activists dumped five of the buckets of coal that were removed from the Merrimack generating station on the ground, saying they were laying the responsibility for ending coal in New England at the doorstep of the government.

For More information and to sign the pledge of resistance visit and following the hashtag #bucketbybucket. 



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  • Oneup Mushroom
    commented 2019-08-21 15:07:07 -0400
    That’s cool. My comment was removed. I guess people who don’t 100% agree with Climate Disobedience will be silenced. God forbid anyone has opposing views. My point was that this particular generator is only used in “emergency” situations. When the demand for power in New England outweighs what can actually be generated. Then a generator, like this coal plant, will be called upon to. But it is fairly infrequent that this generator even operates anymore. Good to have a backup plan just in case, rather than have blackouts. Again, I’d like to see the people who participated in this have their power shut off first on these “emergency” days. they must not enjoy having electricity…