Climate Disobedience Community

Are you part of an existing community, faith congregation, or climate group that wants to go deeper to support the work that's needed?

Are you looking for fellow travelers to push the limits of your comfort zone and see what risks you may be called to?

Are you energized by the principles of the Climate Disobedience Center?

Then we are ready to welcome you into the climate disobedience community.


Since we refocused the Climate Disobedience Center in 2017, we have been placing the building of community, with its accompanying bonds of trust and love and deep relationships, at the center of our work. We are continually reminded of the importance of this work as both our climate and our political reality offer plenty of reasons for despair.

The climate crisis requires both resistance to the fossil fuel industry’s exacerbating the problem and resilience in the face of the significant impacts that are now inevitable. We need to fight to reduce emissions as soon as possible, but we also need to  be ready for increased disasters and hardships.

These dual imperatives demand internal and communal fortitude. Critical and necessary acts of resistance to the fossil fuel industry require people who feel empowered to take bold action. That requires a sense of personal power as well as trust in a community of support. The same qualities are required to stay sane and adaptive the face of the inevitable disruptions of the climate crisis.

To meet these dual challenges, we are growing the climate disobedience community, an opportunity for small groups that empower action by growing deep connection, education, and grounding. Beginning in the Northeast, we will facilitate and support the growth of ongoing groups that develop holistic climate leaders.

If you are ready to pull together a group of friends and acquaintances, please join here to begin a conversation about how we can work together.

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