The Climate Disobedience Center Is Going South (Literally)!

As science-fiction writer Octavia Butler put it - the only truth we know is change. Our planet’s climate changes; our lives change, too. If we are fortunate, we grow older by the day, time reshapes our beloved friends and families in so many ways, and our relationship to ourselves, each other, and our planet remain fluid.

Here are a few of our changes and explorations in recent months:

  • Marla has moved to Knoxville, TN! She’s sad to move away from her community of resistance in the Northeast, but her and our partnerships there continue. We are excited to be able to reliably show up (in-person) in more parts of the country, deepening existing partnerships in North Carolina and Virginia (fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline) and in South Carolina, while building new ties with the Mountain Valley Pipeline resistance efforts in West Virginia and Virginia.

Sometimes pipeline fights are punctuated with some seriously ironic moments, like the time Marla (center), Penny (left), and Emily (right) were headed to the tree sit and encampment near Elliston, Virginia, located the right of way for the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Loaded up with hot food and warm clothes donated by local supporters, their path was blocked by a broken down (empty) coal train! That long line of cars and trucks in the background is comprised of pipeline fighters and pipeline workers who had been waiting for amost four hours to access the only road in/out of the hollow where Appalachians Against Pipelines and friends are still encamped and supporting a tree sit.

Can you support our work today with a gift of $25, $50, or even $100?

Please note our new mailing address: PO Box 20693, Knoxville, TN 37940.

  • Our capacity has expanded by bringing a new member, Emma Schoenberg, onto our Core Team.
  • Praxis groups are forming in Massachusetts, Vermont, Washington State, California, North Carolina and Minnesota. Read more about this deeply connected, relational call to participate in our invitation and apply to learn more.

With your help, we are building strong communities of support

We are grateful and excited to be digging in to explore with this extended network some practices and disciplines that can help us to build even more resilient, connected, grounded communities of resistance and vision that can hold together through the unraveling, the sharing, and the struggles to come.

As always - 100% of the funding for the Climate Disobedience Center most years is from small, one-time and monthly donations from people like you, as well as allied organizations and groups and a few family foundations. Your support is invaluable in this effort as we strive to remain free from the restrictions of grant-funding. Can you support us with a $25, $50, or even $100 gift today?

With gratitude and resolve,
-Marla, Tim, Jay, and Emma

P.S.  An ally and academic that we've been in conversation with for some time is writing a book about climate and reproductive choices and is asking for folks between the ages of 27 and 60 to fill out a survey. We found the survey a valuable experience for reflection, and you may find it a opportunity for grounding in deeper reality after the hubbub of an election week. For every person that fills out the survey, you can choose to have $20 donated to the Climate Disobedience Center! So help us out, fill out a survey and/or share it with others! CLICK HERE


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