Disobedience is our middle name

In 2017, it seemed like suddenly everyone was talking about disobedience. Even military leaders talked openly about disobeying some of Trump’s most despotic and destructive orders. Droves of new activists realized that they could no longer just go with flow but had to resist and disobey. In an article in the New York Times earlier this month, Roger Cohen argued that, “Disobedience may stand between humanity and Armageddon.” Well here at the Climate Disobedience Center, disobedience is our middle name. Literally.

Since our government has been failing to address the climate crisis for far longer than the past year, we’ve been engaging in acts of civil disobedience for years. We also go to great lengths to support others who engage in disobedience, making sure they have the training, connections, and resources to achieve the biggest impact for their sacrifice.

Part of the Climate Disobedience Center’s original mission also called us to build a culture of dissent and disobedience. This year, Jay, Marla and I decided to focus on that culture building as the central part of our work. That’s why we’re building small community groups that we call Praxis Groups to help activists support each other in their personal development and their actions of disobedience and dissent.

We’re developing tools and curriculum to catalyze transformative conversations, and when participants in our Praxis Groups are called to action, we intend to provide them with all the resources and support needed to bring that call into reality as a powerful action. For that we need your help and financial support. Please make a year end donation of $50 today to help us spread disobedience in 2018.

Thanks for your support!

-Tim DeChristopher


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