Leonard Higgins, Valve Turner and Climate Dissident

The valve turners are producting a series of videos on each of the activists who turned the valves and shut down 15% of the US oil supply on October 11, 2016. Each of them are ordinary individuals with a compelling vision of action in these times of crisis. We are happy to help share their story.

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  • Seior Sieuu
    commented 2022-05-21 03:35:08 -0400
    If you’re on a website and you aren’t sure what their sustainability process is, head to their “About” section to see if they talk about sustainability at all. If they don’t have any info about sustainability, they probably aren’t sustainable. https://tutuappx.com/

  • Dylan Smith
    commented 2017-10-31 07:43:44 -0400
    Thank you for sharing the story. I learn many things from it.